Mortgage Vision 2019 Roadshow

Our Financial Planner and Mortgage Specialist Joanne McLaughlin attended this year’s Mortgage Vision Roadshow at the AJ Bell stadium, Manchester.

It is essential to keep pace with an ever changing mortgage landscape. Using technology can help us to ensure we recommend the most suitable products for our clients from the vast array of options available. Mark Lofthouse, CEO of Mortgage Brain explained how the advancements in technology will further enhance the research and advice process enabling mortgage cases to be submitted faster.

The whole process from start to finish – including sourcing appropriate products, affordability, criteria checks, submission of applications, will become much more streamlined. This will benefit advisers in terms of saving us time when reviewing individual lenders, as multiple lender’s affordability and criteria can be crossed-checked simultaneously, meaning the turnaround time for mortgage cases being submitted and processed will be quicker, ultimately benefiting our clients.

‘It was great to see innovations in the market to enable easier sourcing of mortgage products for our clients to ensure a quicker turnaround from initial client meeting to application submission.

It is always beneficial to meet some of the leading lenders and find out about recent changes to their criteria and affordability checks which will make it easier to place business and get our clients the best rates.’

– Joanne McLaughlin, Tatton Financial Planning