Transact Connect Event

The Transact Connect day was held on the 22nd of October and is always interesting to attend. Transact use the day to give an overview of their current position and strategy going forward as well as developments over the previous year. A helpful summary of their standing against other providers in the market as well as a technical briefing about relevant changes in regulation are also always included.

CEO of Transact Ian Taylor gave a very engaging and interesting presentation, providing an update as to how Transact have adapted to the changes in the market.

‘One of the main points to take away from the presentation is that Transact are achieving what many wrap providers seem unable to do, in that they generate good profits each year which are also currently increasing. Profitability is vital in the choice of platform as it minimises the risk of provider failure and the problems this can cause for clients. However, this is set against the backdrop of Transact reducing investor charges at the same time meaning that they are now in the group of providers with lower overall charges. This demonstrates the development of an exceptional business model which is focused on the sustainability and development of the company on one hand and a desire to share the rewards of success with their customers on the other. With so few other profitable platforms in the market, many of their competitors will be simply left wondering how they are able to do this. – Anthony Gabbott, Tatton Financial Planning Ltd’

Our Financial Adviser Tony Gabbott builds the model portfolios, by carefully selecting and diversifying a range of funds most appropriate to our clients risk profiles.

We heard from members of the development, technical and sales teams, who provided us with updates as to advances we expect to see soon, in relation to the functionality of the platform and the streamlining of the processes. From an administrative perspective, I found this to be very beneficial, as I can see how the new developments will greatly improve the service that our clients receive. For example Transact will be looking to cut down on the requirements for paper applications, and instead accept instructions for most processes digitally. Being mindful not only of the environment impact, but also the speed and convenience of processing our client’s applications.

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